An Equine Quiz

Kelvin and Dorothea Gillett

June 2022

Equestrian figures are very popular with Staffordshire collectors. Kelvin and Dorothea Gillett challenge you to have a go at identifying these figures from their horses!

Look closely for clues! Scroll down to reveal the full figures, answers and your expert rating…

How well did you do? See below!


Analyse your score

11 to 9: Galloped to the finish
8 to 6: Lost speed over the last hurdle
5 to 3: Need to improve over the jumps
2 to 1: Unsteady, falling off at the first bend

Thanks for having a try!

Kelvin and Dorothea Gillett have been collecting Staffordshire figures for over 45 years, previously owning an antiques shop in Chester, England.

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